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Tinseltown Dreams: The 50's

Take a seat in the director's chair in Tinseltown Dreams: The '50s, a fun new match 3 game. Play through 70 cinema inspired levels while using exciting power-ups, hilarious combo bonuses and a wild popcorn maker!
Rating: 0.0/0
Contoare: 247/138
Total comentarii : 1
1 Jens  
41 45 people found fowolling review helpful: Oscar's material, November 30, 2005 a0 (Singapore) review : Movies: Premiere Edition (DVD) (CD-ROM) 're reviews Movies over here, I'll keep mine short. One reasons I never play Sims series intense level micromanagement. same applies Movies. premise a shot becoming boss a movie studio bound interest people. build stage schools, production offices, movie sets, script offices . hire directors, actors scriptwriters. invest R&D advancement movie- . even win awards manage excel . features fun, novelty soon wears micromanagement steps . frustrating aspect game lies managing errant stars under care. Stressed. Tired. Drunk. Addicted food. . look. name . Pacifying troublesome taking care bowel movements Sims. satisfy needs, array tools hand. 's easy console a misbehaving staff, example, resting a specially built trailer tired, sending a makeover session image. five staff play games , 'll find yourself spending a lot time calming down, instead concentrating need keep afloat game. , movies rake cash . Fortunately, 's a Sandbox option game allows turn misbehavior. lets toggle much money want game . options more less cheats through game a smoother fashion, 're essential nonetheless micromanaging cup tea. I still recommend game 're simply looking forward release movies movies without director getting drunk bar, lead stuffing herself oblivion snack van. , convince yourself doing worth $55. customers find helpful reviewsa0 review helpful ?a0 | a0

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